Laser Wheel Alignment

Alignment checks

Laser wheel 
alignment in Port Talbot and Treorchy

Laser wheel alignment is a great way to correct many types of car handing problems. Tidy Tyres Ltd offers comprehensive alignment services.
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Noticing difficulties while steering?

Are you experiencing a vibration or a pulling to one side while steering? It could be because of incorrect wheels alignment.  
At Tidy Tyres Ltd, we use state-of-the-art equipment to make accurate and quick adjustments to the wheels of your vehicle.

Keep your wheels in optimum position

Regular wheel alignment is an effective way to reduce tyre wear and it helps you save money by increasing fuel efficiency. 

We offer laser wheel alignment at fantastic prices so why not add this to your next safety inspection? We also offer disc pad and brake repair services.
wheel alignment

Our service includes

  • Inspection of wheels
  • Alignment checks
  • Toe and chamber adjustments
  • Tyres set to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Reports provided
Visit our garages in Port Talbot and Treorchy or get in touch with us for additional information on any of our services. 
Toe and chamber adjustments
For accurate laser wheel alignment, call Tidy Tyres Ltd on 07870 853 497 or 07711 054 415

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